Amp Up Action Park

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Project Objectives

Amp Up Action Park is a family entertainment center in St. Louis, MO, that offers a variety of action-packed attractions and dining, including kart racing, axe throwing, laser tag, virtual reality, a high-ropes ninja course, and more.

Modernize Design

Revamp the site's aesthetics for a vibrant, engaging, and visually appealing online presence.

Improve SEO

Optimize content, metadata, and site structure to boost search engine rankings and visibility.

Simplify Navigation

Streamline menus and linking for intuitive, easy access to key sections and information.

Mobile Friendliness

Adopt a mobile-first approach, ensuring seamless user experience across all devices.

Speed Optimization

Enhance site performance with caching, image compression, and script minification.

Improve Security

Implement robust measures like SSL, strong passwords, and regular backups for site protection.


Stale Design

Amp Up Action Park, a premier family entertainment center located in St. Louis, MO, had been successfully providing a variety of fun and engaging activities for visitors of all ages.

However, their online presence was not reflecting the vibrancy and excitement that the park offered. The old website had a stale and outdated design, limiting its ability to showcase the park’s diverse offerings and attract new customers.

old home page

Modern Design

The new modern design effectively addressed the aesthetic appeal problem by incorporating engaging visuals, a clean layout, contemporary typography, and intuitive iconography.

This cohesive and visually appealing online presence accurately reflected the park’s lively atmosphere, elevating its brand image and enticing more visitors to explore the exciting attractions offered at the family entertainment center.

The redesign successfully transformed the website from an outdated and stale appearance to a polished and professional platform that showcased the energetic and fun environment of the park.

new home page

Lacking SEO

The previous website’s structure and content did not follow best practices for SEO, making it difficult for potential customers to discover Amp Up Action Park through organic search.

First, the site lacked a clear hierarchy and logical organization, which led to a overall poor site structure, making it difficult for search engines to understand the website’s purpose and index it appropriately. Additionally, metadata, such as title tags and meta descriptions, were either missing or not optimized, diminishing the website’s click-through rate from search results.

old site seo

Built For SEO

The new website was designed with a strong focus on SEO best practices to improve its search engine visibility. First, keyword research was conducted to identify relevant terms and phrases that potential customers might use when searching for family entertainment centers.

Next, a clear hierarchy and logical organization were implemented, improving the internal linking structure and facilitating more efficient crawling by search engines. Metadata, including title tags and meta descriptions, were crafted to be both informative and engaging, enhancing the website’s click-through rate from search results.

new site seo

Confusing Navigation

The old website had a confusing and inefficient navigation and linking structure that hindered user experience. Visitors found it difficult to locate information about the park’s attractions, events, and pricing due to the lack of a clear and intuitive navigation menu.

Additionally, the site’s organization was disordered, with important pages buried deep within the site, making them difficult to access. This led to frustration for potential customers, who may have abandoned the site in favor of more user-friendly alternatives.

old site nav

Simplified Navigation

The redesigned website features a simplified and streamlined navigation and linking structure that significantly improved user experience.The new site incorporated a clear and intuitive main menu that allowed users to easily access key sections, such as attractions, events, pricing, and contact information.

The website’s organization was restructured to prioritize important pages and ensure they were readily accessible. Furthermore, the use of clear and concise call-to-action (CTA) buttons also helped to direct users toward desired actions, such as booking tickets or signing up for newsletters.

These improvements to the site’s navigation and linking structure made it easier for visitors to find the information they needed, resulting in a more satisfying and efficient user experience.

new site nav

Not Mobile Friendly

The old website failed to consider the needs of mobile users, resulting in a subpar experience for those accessing the site on smartphones and tablets. The site’s layout and design elements were not optimized for smaller screens or were simply ignored altogether. Navigation was cumbersome, as menus and links were not tailored for touch-based interaction, making it difficult for mobile users to find the information they were seeking.

Additionally, visuals and typography did not always scale properly, causing readability issues that further detracted from the overall user experience. These shortcomings created a negative impression of the park for potential visitors using mobile devices and likely discouraged many from exploring the site further or planning a visit.

old mobile site

Mobile First Design

Recognizing the growing importance of mobile users, the new website was designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for users on smartphones and tablets.

The site was built using responsive design principles, allowing it to automatically adapt its layout and elements to fit various screen sizes and resolutions. This ensured that the content is easily readable and navigable, regardless of the device used to access the site.

Additionally, touch-friendly navigation elements and CTA buttons were also implemented, making it easier for mobile users to interact with the site and complete desired actions.

new mobile site

Slow Site Speed

The old website for Amp Up Action Park suffered from slow loading times due to several factors, including unoptimized images, excessive use of scripts, and lack of caching and compression techniques.

This sluggish performance negatively impacted user experience, potentially deterring potential visitors from exploring the site further or planning a visit.

old site speed

Speed Optimization

The new website for Amp Up Action Park was designed with a focus on speed and performance, ensuring a faster and more enjoyable browsing experience for users. To achieve this, caching techniques were implemented to store static files temporarily on users’ devices, reducing the need for repeated downloads and speeding up page load times.

Image optimization was employed, with images resized and compressed to load quickly without compromising on quality. Additionally, script minification was utilized to streamline and optimize the site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, further reducing file sizes and improving site performance. These improvements combined to create a fast-loading website that provided a seamless and satisfying user experience.

new site speed

Unsecure Site

Prior to the update, the old website experienced a security breach, which exposed the site to potential risks and damage. This incident highlighted the site’s vulnerabilities and underscored the need for improved security measures. The breach could have resulted from outdated software, weak passwords, or inadequate security configurations, all of which made the site an easier target for hackers.


Improved Security

The new website was built with robust security measures to prevent future breaches and protect its users. Regular updates are implemented to keep all software components secure, while strong passwords and multi-factor authentication are utilized for admin accounts.

An SSL certificate was installed to encrypt data transmission, and security plugins were employed to monitor and safeguard the site from potential threats.Additionally, regular backups are conducted to ensure quick recovery in the event of data loss or security issues.

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